How to Celebrate Technology Awareness Month in September in Chicago this year

Tech Month Chicago is doing a lot of great work to get the word out about our local technology ecosystem to the general public. Chicagoans, regardless of their predisposition toward tech, love to know when there’s something they can be proud of when it comes to their city.

Here are some ways you can participate and get involved in activities during the month of September for Technology Awareness Month:

Attend tech events! Take a look at the home page of our website:

There’s something going on almost every day on our calendar. Take a look at our one-month awareness calendar and get out and attend a tech event in or around your neighborhood. We have over 150 events on our calendar and climbing. We welcome everyone who’s doing a tech event, gathering, lecture, meetup, or party to put their events on our calendar. As the month progresses, we’ll probably get several more.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on when and where things are happening in the tech scene in and around the Chiagoland area.

If you’re a part of the tech industry in the Chicagoland area, there are several additional things you can do:

Donate your Tech Venue

Submit Events to our Calendar

If you’re considering holding your own tech event, you can do it for free during the month of September only at one of twelve tech venues who has generously donated their spaces for the purpose of supporting the local tech community event organizers as part of Technology Awareness Month.

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