Melanie Adcock to Create a Second Audio Production Launching Later this Fall

After taking a moment to reflect on my first two years broadcasting live on FM radio, I wanted to announce that the production of a second audio production is currently underway.

The first show that I’ve done for two years is called Tech Scene Chicago. It is a radio broadcast. You know, radios, those strange little low-tech boxes that can also sometimes act as alarm clocks? In the world of podcasting, people tend to neglect their FM dial. It may be old school, but radio is able to reach those who can’t afford laptops, don’t have enough data on their cell phone, or access to enough WiFi to download a podcast. Radio, though not so shiny and new as the podcast, is great for accessibility.

I love what I do, but feel there is more that can be done. In the process of doing Tech Scene Chicago on Lumpen Radio’s non-commercial station, there are specific topics I can’t cover due to FCC regulations such as calls to action, cost of products or services, or anything that would be seen as a sales pitch. As a result, I have never been able to cover certain topics or guests who only want to discuss their product or service.

In order to address this, I’m going to keep doing the radio broadcast but launch an additional podcast that will be more commercially based and will enable me to cover a broader range of guests. It doesn’t have a name yet, but you’ll hear a lot about it later this fall.

The new Podcast will bring you all of the sensitivity, depth, and care that I put into elevating tech events and community meetups on my radio broadcast. I will also be able to ask a few more probing questions about the thought leadership and inner workings of a larger organization or startup. This podcast will also be under the umbrella of my organization Tech Month Chicago, LLC As a result, the new podcast will be part of a new sponsorship package for those who would like to sponsor Tech Month Chicago.

This podcast will present a massive opportunity for hundreds of local startups to get in front of Chicago area consumers and business intellectuals alike. As a 2018 sponsor of Tech Month Chicago, you and your organization will get a chance to help us build the framework of this new endeavor. If you would like more information about our sponsorship package, please refer to our sponsorship package description.

Thanks for your support as we construct and engineer a new and exciting podcast for Tech Month Chicago.

-Melanie Adcock

Melanie Adcock Cell Phone: 312-259-0610 Email:

P. S. As mentioned above, our new Podcast doesn’t have a name yet. Please feel free to suggest names for it in the comments section.