About Tech Month Chicago

Tech Month Chicago is a month-long elevation of technology events and our local tech ecosystem for the general public in the Chicagoland area showcasing the depth and diversity of our tech culture featuring community events in technology, engineering, math, science, and technology-related civic outreach during the month of October.

Our aim is to engage new audiences for technology in the Chicago area and to raise awareness for the great tech-related culture happening throughout Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. Tech Month Chicago is geared toward all city residents from senior citizens, kids, parents, and all people of the city of Chicago to share how technology shapes our culture and encourage participation from those outside the industry.

Events range from coding for kids to educational forums and invention showcases, startup pitches, tech activities for families, companies opening their doors to the public, job training, meetups, and festive tech celebrations. Presenters include tech organizations, large-scale technology-related companies based in Chicago, non-profit organizations, schools, tech experts, education groups, and other organizations throughout the city.

Tech Month Chicago was founded by Melanie Adcock in 2014 and this year marks the fourth year the awareness month has taken place. To learn more about the impact an awareness month for technology can have in a metropolitan area please take a look at this talk on the subject.

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