Press Release: Woman Made Gallery Events

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is participating in Tech Month Chicago with a boundary-pushing series of exhibits that run throughout the month of June 2016.

Tech Month Chicago Partners with Woman Made Gallery to Explore Gender in STEM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2016 – (CHICAGO, IL) Gender issues in technology and science fields have been a hot topic for the past several years, with high visibility discrimination lawsuits and “Gamergate” generating buzz and opinions across the US. In Chicago, one gallery is exploring the mashup of gender and technology, represented by over 25 female-identifying artists in three curated exhibits.

The timing of the events coincides with Tech Month Chicago, and Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is pleased to be an event partner with Tech Month throughout the month of June 2016. Tech Month Chicago is a new cultural happening intended to build bridges between industry and underserved peoples and communities. The initiative invites individuals and organizations to participate by hosting or attending events.

From May 13-July 28, Woman Made Gallery (685 N. Milwaukee Ave.) is showcasing women artists whose work is inspired by technology, while exploring contributing factors to the disparaging gender gap and digital divide in STEM fields. Collectively, these exhibitions ask: what would society gain from having more women and people of color code, and how do we get there?

“It’s perfect timing for us to participate in Tech Month Chicago,” said Sydney Stoudmire, executive director of the non-profit gallery. “We want to bring a higher awareness of the value of women in technology as visionaries, makers, consumers and inventors. These three exhibits showcase incredible talent, and utilize technology as both the medium and the subject matter.”

The public is invited to view:

  • code/switch – interactive exhibition of 26 artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media.
  • code/mix – rotating flex pop-up show that explores how code and language are frequently changing and evolving.
  • Quest – a two-part project featuring a solo exhibit with art by Krista Hoefle and panel discussion with members of Not Your Mama’s Gamer. It delves into gaming culture as well as the emotional impact video games can have in/on real life.

Additionally, as part of its partnership with Tech Month, WMG invites any female-identifying artist or technologist to utilize the space during the month of June for a panel discussion or other event. Interested parties should contact Gallery Coordinator, Melanie Demos at

Tech Month is not a closed event series; anyone interested in adding events to the Tech Month Chicago calendar can submit them for free at


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Artwork from the exhibit:


Alex Saum


Web based multimedia poem

Dimensions Variable

Image courtesy of the artist

Stefanie Yan

Breath Under, Live With



Image courtesy of the artist

Taehee Kim

Flowing of Profound

Plexiglass, optical microscope, light emitting diodes

13” x 13” x 4” ea.

Image courtesy of the artist