Public Awards Program 2017

If you attend 3 or more events listed on our Awareness Month Calendar, and use the Selfie Bubble, you will earn a Techie Award Ribbon. 

Tech Month Chicago didn’t want to limit ourselves to being a calendar for Technology Awareness Month. We wanted to do something more  this year to help engage Chicago citizens to celebrate Technology Awareness Month in September.

Our partner, SPR Consulting, helped us design a selfie bubble. It’s a fun tool we came up with for you to use to let us know you’ve attended a tech event on our calendar. If you attend 3 or more events listed on our Awareness Month Calendar, and use the Selfie Bubble, you will earn a Techie Award Ribbon. Yes- you, your friends, classmates, parents, and anyone will get a Techie Award Ribbon this year for attending 3 or more events on our calendar and documenting your attendance.

Here’s the process:  

Go to a tech event on our calendar, take a selfie with the selfie bubble, upload your selfie to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #TMC2017. Go to three or more events and do this, and we will give you a Techie Award Ribbon.







Get Nominated for a Techie Award

The coordinators of all of the events on our Tech Month Chicago calendar will be nominating people for awards. the number of people they can nominate is unlimited. They will abide by the following criteria:


-Have attended more than one of your events this year.

-Have shown something original, unique, or excellent that deserves to be celebrated.

-Are people who will appreciate encouragement and recognition.

-Are people who don’t get recognized often.

-Are perhaps people you don’t know well but you admire.

-Are people who are likely to show up to our awards event on Oct. 1 to receive their ribbons in person.

-Are not a group of your best buddies.

-Are not your business partners or your sponsors.

-Are not people who you can monetarily benefit from by nominating.

Additional Ideas: 

Our Public Awards Program is still in it’s beginning phases. We are open to other ideas and want to accommodate as many interested people as possible. If you have a classroom of students or other group and have a great idea for how to use these ribbons, please contact us. We’re interested in working with you!  If you are disabled, do not have the means to upload photos, or have other mitigating circumstances that would prevent you from getting a ribbon via our process above, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to work with you.

Photos and your Privacy: 

As a tech related company, Tech Month Chicago cares very much about privacy issues, especially those of children and young adults under the age of 18.  If you are too young to have a social media account,  you can have your parent or guardian post photos on your behalf to participate in our awards program. If you do not want to post a photo, but still want to participate in our program, contact us, and we will make accommodations for you or your classroom. For more information about this topic, please refer to Tech Month Chicago’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service documents.

Questions, thoughts, or comments? Please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you!