Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Tasks we need help with every October: 

  • Delivering posters, stickers, and other swag
  • Photographing events
  • Blogging about tech events
  • Great for the Volunteer Section of your LinkedIn profile. We’ll also give you a great recommendation. ūüôā¬†


  • Operations- Google Forms
  • Operations- WordPress Custom Coding
  • Outreach-Tech Venue Research and Outreach
  • Outreach-Calendar Listing Outreach
  • Social Media- Twitter Automation- Programming
  • Social Media-Campaign Automation- Programming
  • Social Media-Campaign Development- Marketing
  • Public Relations- Press List Research, Press Relations,¬†and Media Outreach
  • Website Management-WordPress Custom Coding
  • Website Management-Cyber Security
  • Civic Outreach-Public Programs Manager
  • Sponsorship Outreach-Sponsorship acquisition assistant
  • Radio Broadcast Assistant-Technical Sound Editing and Production Assistant for Tech Scene Chicago, Radio Broadcast
  • Radio Broadcast Public Relations-PR and Social Media Efforts for Radio Broadcast, Tech Scene Chicago
  • Great for college credit and early career preparations

Advisory Board:

If you want to volunteer to be on our Advisory Board, we need for you to have strong and consistent attendance at our meetings.¬† If you can’t consistently show up but still want to pitch in, you can be on our Advisory Board for an annual fee.

Volunteer Advisory Board Member:

  • Annual Fee: $Zero dollars
  • Duties: Attend meetings monthly, run an area of civic programming, serve on a subcommittee, and pitch in on administrative tasks to plan for the awareness month.

Annual Fee Advisory Board Member:

  • Annual Fee: $1,500.00 per year paid to Tech Month Chicago LLC
  • Duties: Come to at least 2 meetings per year, give insight and feedback on process and developments, and lend a hand in your area of expertise.

Some Thoughts on Paid Advisory Board Positions: 

If you’ve ever volunteered to co-operate an organization with a group or serve as a volunteer on a labor-intensive project you may have seen a few people who want to be there and their hearts are in it, but they are overextended and don’t really have time to commit. Our goal by having an advisory board position that people can pay for is to enable those who don’t really have time to contribute to be able to assist in other ways where we really need help.¬† We’re offering this option and hope it works out.

Would you like to volunteer for Tech Month Chicago this year?

Please call or email us at melanie@techmonthchicago.com or 312-259-0610

Other ways to participate:

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