We Are At 26 Events And Growing!

Have you seen the most recent list of events signed up for Tech Month Chicago in 2016? It’s very impressive!

There are some really well known names, such as the Museum of Science and Industry who are hosting a DARPA event,  and the Adler Planetarium who have included their awesome Summer Camps in our calendar to support the Tech Month theme. There are also some really interesting events that represent the diversity of possibilities, such as the Ally Skills Workshops (which teach men to be better allies to women in the workforce, a topic that comes up frequently in tech and science industry), the CNT Urban Sustainability Apps contest, and a panel on emerging technology in education, including cybersecurity and surveillance in schools!

We couldn’t be happier to see the momentum that’s beginning to show. When we started this idea last year, we said we’d be happy if we got 10 events lined up. I’m proud to say we have far surpassed our expectations, and we’re gaining more each day!

It’s not too late to add your own event, or to offer your space, or join up with an existing event. At the very least, come to the kickoff party on June 4. It will be a blast, with live performances, music, art and of course TECHNOLOGY!

And help us continue to spread the word…give us your socials please!