Tech Scene Chicago

Tech Scene Chicago is an independently produced talk radio show produced by Tech Month Chicago and hosted by Melanie Adcock. The Tech Scene Chicago Radio show is geared toward the public and discusses how they can become part of the local “tech scene” by giving them the scoop on available technology related events they can attend in their area. Tech Scene Chicago serves as a subsidiary entity of Tech Month Chicago (a non-profit organization) to help further their mission of advocacy awareness and outreach of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering. Arts, and Mathematics) throughout the city of Chicago.

John Polacek, Monica Metzler, Dan Rezac, Rashad Sallee
Shayna Atkins, Meghan Hausman, Steven Philpott, Edward Yu
Pat Maher, Fenesha Hubbard, Amanda Signorelli, David Carman
Allyson Scrutchens, Mark Andersen, JD Pirtle, Matt Washington
LaShon Anthony, Isabelle Rizo, Brian Laughlin, Julian Kidd
Alison Stanton, Brent Williams, and Adam Hecktman
Carl West and Jeremie Bacon
Emile Cambry, Deena McKay, Megan Rhyme, Elizabeth Hicks, and Roger Zare
Harrison Horan and Brenda Hernandez
Wok Barry, Stephanie Spetter, and Eric Wierzbicki
Derek Eder and Calvin Flowers
Eileen McFarland, Linwei Cheng, Mary DuQuaine, and Linda Olsheska-Brenner
Lee Hopkins, Fabian Elliott
Phillip Jackson, Scott Kitun
Arcot Naresh and Brian Rodriguez
Justin Love and Adam Hecktman
Leslie McKinney and Brian Bar
Todor Krecu
Bob Johnson
Dan Green and Carolyn Nivling
Brian Kroll
George Vukotich, Ginger Sovari Bucklin, and Gregg Walrod
Jerrell Mardis, Christopher Agocs, and Jessica Fong
Jeremy Dunn, Eric Reyes, and Monica Swope
Julia Kanouse and Travis Johnson
Jeff Smith and Andrew Ettenhofer
Don Wittmer, Darren Olson, and Christina Rodriguez
Todor Krecu and Kayley Carswell
Tracy Powell and Bobby Nicholson
Jamilia Parham and Deena McKay
Bill Allen and Joanna Vahlsing
Kim Kleeman and Christine Pietryla
Eric Vazquez and Lesley Etherly
Kent Green and Ashley Purdy
Peter Selarno and Angela Li
Dante Hamilton and Nakia Green